Where has the summer gone

Gosh............ Summer has gone and I am shocked at how long it is since I last posted a blog. As Toby pointed out I have said nothing about my trip to Switzerland. This would be due to the fact that we were absolutely shattered when we returned and had to get straight back into work. Switzerland was predictably fantastic a combination of fabulous roads, people, scenery, food, entertainment and adventure. To top it off the weather was just sweltering some 30 degrees everyday it seemed to us. We did make the odd mistake with this trip the main one being driving all the way to Freddys garage from Welwyn Garden City in one day and returning the same way. But then we had no more time to take off work so we had no choice. We shared the driving which made it a little easier but it was still very hard work. I was very worried about the car before I left as I had not had it long and I was expecting things to fall off it along the way. It is with delight I report notihng did fall off and the car was very comfortable to drive, only the heat in the footwell was bit of a problem. I can see it must be hell in the more powerful cars if it was that bad in a 125 Sigma. So that was the Swiss trip.

Since then we have been to a few wonderful club meetings in Herts and Penn, we visited the Klopp Hill climb and saw some truly glorious old cars on what turned out to be the coldest day I can remember. Then there was the Graham Nearn Memorial Blat. I took an old school friend Andrew with me for that as Ian didn't have enough bownie points. We elected to go with Penn sevens from Caterham Midlands. This involved driving from WGC to Hemel Hempstead, to collect Carl then onto Milton Keynes to collect Markiebabes and a few more cars then off the Caterham midlands to the start of the event! This turned out to be a wonderful day culminating in a well earned hog roast and that iconic photo.

Last month we ended up in a village hall to watch a series of rally films and spend some time in the company of Fred Gallagher, for a rally fan like me this was awesome and the food, well let me tell you we started off with tea and bickies in the morniing, moved on to lunch of curry and rice followed by Plum crumble with cream and custard. Then Afternoon tea with a choice of homemade cakes. The only fly in the ointment was not having the roof on the car and discovering it had peed down with rain. More of a problem in a roadsport with cloth seats than some other cars. It was after this that I had trouble starting the car. Inevitably the battery was at fault and I made an enquiry on blatchat as to where to get a new banner battery. During the course of various postings up comes Stationary traveller with the offer of his old battery and while he is at it he is coming past WGC and he could meet me on route and drop it off to me. When I joined the Lotus seven club I had no idea how generous and kind and friendly club members would be. When I read things on blatcaht about people leaving as they are pissed of with blatchat I wonder if they have missed something. The said battery is in my car and running a treat. Contribution on its way to Nuke the Luke. Thank you Stationary Traveller.

So we get round to the L2B sausage run this month. This is one of those events I have read about and put on my list to do. So it was little chilly and the sausage was a tad over done but it was all in a good cause and as usual a memorable day out. The weather was very kind to us and we made it home in time to watch the penultimate Grand Prix. Which reminds me last one today.

I have been out for the odd blast to Waitrose for Mrs Long and next comes my first MOT at the end of the month..Roll on Summer.