A whole week and just one panic moment.

After finishing the front suspension I redid the headlight wiring yet again.  With modern cabling I managed to get an extra lead through for future use.  So instead of the factory supplied setup which I found impossible I've got 6 wires, all high current capable, fully encased in heat shrink which can easily slide back and forth through the light stalks.  No plugs on either end yet.

Next up I prepared the engine and gearbox.  Fitting took about 2 hours on my own then spent the next day tidying the wiring. At first I wanted to complete the engine install then tidy up but it was easier to just do it as I went along.

The only issue I have is the cable to the front RH lower sensor (Oil Temp?) is very long.  I've tried a few different approaches but have it wrapped round the oil cooler for now.  I'll have to find a neater solution eventually.

Minor panic. When I prepped the engine I couldn't find the clutch release bearing.  Eventually found it already fitted to the bell housing.   After installing the engine and tidying up the wires I suddenly realised I hadn't checked if it was properly fitted or just placed in situ!  An email to Derek confirmed that it is now fully fitted at the factory so I didn't need to pull the engine back out after all.  And relax......

Every day sees a new order on Amazon or visit to Halfords/Screwfix for some little bit or other but I'm used to that now.  I bought the Caterham toolkit as it had everything required to build the car.  As we say in Scotland - Aye, right!

Spent 3 hours with my wire strippers and bespoke crimper fitting econoplugs at both ends of the headlight cabling.  Very pleased with it now.  If I need to upgrade anything I just need to fit a suitable plug and it will pop in to the existing bowls (talking about LED headlamps/DRL's etc)


The oil pressure sender is on the front LH side (I think that's what you meant?) and is a flat cable. It sits neatly along the engine mount arm once in place, and runs very tidily.

I like your approach to the headlight wiring. I suspect I'd rewire mine if I ever upgrade the headlights which is a possibility, post IVA. Honestly, I'd like to get rid of the nasty little indicator pods. Shame no-one does a fully enclosed teardrop in carbon fibre!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I've had a good tidy round and now the engine bay looks fine.

I must admit I've been following your blog quite closely and it has saved me emailing Derek a few times.  As everyone seems to ask him the same questions over and over, you'd think Caterham could spend just a few minutes updating the build manual.

Good to hear, and I totally agree about the manual. It's a shame they are holding out so much for the new 'IKEA' style one which has been going on for well over a year now I think.