Wile7 Adventures

The first page - a starter post. Let's see what transpires...


Well....I've been fettling and playing before the summer Blats start big time. Little things to play with thus far:

  • New exhaust
  • New Grill (Wile7)
  • JAL LED light upgrade front and rear
  • Steering wheel buggering about
  • Remove heater unit (dont use it)
  • Remove (?!) or change roll bar from 'standard' to a raised FIA style bar
  • Add oil cooler possibly
  • Return to original 14" KN (skoda) alloys

and later in the summer...:

  • A change to LHD finally...
  • Upgrade interior to a red leather possibly

Some photos below (but not able to load all I wanted as files too large and can't seem to rotate them....) aghh!


Dave Ardley 'King Clams of Clam HillWoohoo

White 1700 Supersprint with Clams and now Brooklands Thumbup