Work in progess - 2004 ex-Roadsport B - ex-Graduates

Thanks to Martin Phipps I have discovered that my Seven was originally build at the end of 2004 with Academy specification and the Roadsport B upgrade. First registration was on 01.11.2004. Probably for competition in the season 2005.

Still looking for pictures of the original specification, Academy race cars, with following options:

- Academy 16 K Series (EU3) with uprated valve caps

- triple pass radiator

- full painted in Caterham yellow

- black pack

- black-silver KN Minator alloys with Avon CR500 tyres

​- rear ARB

- plumbed in fire extinguisher


Do you know who's car it was in 2005 at the Academy, and then who raced it in Graduates?

JJF, Interested to note from your previous Blog that your car was raced by late Martin Kay.

To help you build the picture, in 2014/15 Martin Kay raced a Black & Green Caterham (Number 102) that was previously was raced by Dylan Stanley.  My Caterham now has the engine taken from this car.

So I guess Martin Kay must have raced your car in seasons prior to 2014 before buying Dylan Stanley's car?

Hope you had a safe trip home, great to meet you yesterday.


Hi Charles & Andrew,

I am still searching for the complete history. I have had contact with Tony Jaffe, who raced with my car for several years. He told me that he co-owned a number of race cars with a friend. The reason for selling the K Series was the replacement with a Sigma.

BTW, the chassis and engine are still matching numbers, with the MSA seals still on the engine.

On the internet are a couple of pictures of my car being used by Tony Jaffe. Some with headlights and windscreen, others without. As far as I know, in the beginning of the Graduates, windscreen, lights, ... were obligatory. Later on that changed.



Yes, the Super classed removed lights and windscreen in about 2014.

I raced against that car many times (and probably beat it more often than not *blabla*)