blown engine

Doesn't look to bad

Much worse than I thought


Engine out again!



All that's left of piston

2 bent exhaust valves so it looks like I was lucky


More holes


Really sorry to see that this has happened.


"It's got six gears.. and they're all the same!!!"

Thanks I think it's just bad luck however it's nothing I can't fix and I like a challenge. Luckily my head seems to have survived as that was the most expensive part of the engine!


Bearing all seem good so I don't think it's a lubrication issue I should have the all the parts together in the next few weeks for the rebuild. I may manage a track day in September 

Head is now apart 

After speaking to the K Series guru Dave it looks like it was a spun bearing. God only knows why they machined the second groove

I've got a new bottom end!

Finished it runs and is fluid tight doesn't seem to use any oil. I,m now running it in for 500 miles