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Manchester before Leeds. Announced, surprisingly, at a conference in Manchester.



Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty

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The other day I was photographing a visit to town by some representatives of the Chinese Tourist Board (sorry, don't know its proper title). I overheard the mayor telling one of them that we were building HS2 - I can only imagine what the Chinese guy must have thought about our decades long project when China now has more high speed line than the rest of the world added together. They have achieved this since 2008 when they had almost none.

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Amazing what you can achieve with a centralised communist state, poverty labour, no environment, safety or labour standards a near blank page regarding existing infrastructure and no dissent!

elie boone
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The Chinese finished the American trans Atlantic rail way because the ( mostly ) Irish didn't progress as expected, so may be history will repeat itself ?

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Trans Atlantic railway? Hang on a minute, it's Feb 29th not April 1st!

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The Chinese were the only ones prepared to sleep in isolated huts under 20 feet of snow for 6 months up the Rockies and didn`t mind being blown up by the rock blasting or crushed by falling rock, so maybe HS2 can be done on the cheap!