WTD - K Series, 1.8 4-2-1 exhaust

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My PowerSpeed 4-2-1 with a cat in the 7" silencer was £595 fitted I recall. I already had the 4 separate primaries through the sideskin. This was in March 2009.

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That exhaust made from gold at 2400 ,quid. Ouch

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I'm still struggling to find anything reasonable, which means I might still with the current setup for a while.

If anyone sees anything available, please let me know!

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we may try with  http://simpsonraceexhausts.com/

Their system seems quite nice


I made an inquiry via mail and their quote is 1200-1400+vat for one 4-2-1 system.  I guess they may be willing to give a good price if we buy 2 or 3. Anyone in Bershire needing an shiny exhaust :)?

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That seems like a reasonable price and a good looking system.  The default option of Powerspeed has just got too expensive for me to consider it to be reasonable value.  I bet there would be a few interested in a group buy from Simpson.

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Tazio has a Simpson exhaust on his VX and it is a thing of beauty! Welds, swages and intersections all precise and neat.



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I'm in the market for a system if considering a (small) bulk buy. I missed the boat a while back on the Powerspeed.

My main driver to change from the original 1997 standard K-series system is noise. I hear that Raceco silencers have a good reputation, if not the cheapest. Any suggestions on sourcing a whole 4-2-1 system (non-cat as pre-SVA) would be very welcome.

Thanks, Nick