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Loveadmin Issues

I seem to have broken my Loveadmin login, I tried to update my email address which it appeared to accept but the change isn't showing up and when I try to change it again it says the firstname/email address combination already exists.

I dropped an email to [email protected] earlier in the week, is that the right place to ask?

Trying to book for one of the club trackdays but I need to get the email address fixed before I can do that.


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Robert, try calling the girls at Pink Angels, they'll take your booking manually so you can get your spot.

01 873  777303





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Just used 'Loveadmin' it and it worked quickly and efficiently, may be try again.

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Good morning Robert, 

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Love Admin system, please call the office on 01873 777303 and I will be happy to help. 

Kind regards


Membership Team

Lotus Seven Club - 01873 777303

[email protected]

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I have given up with LoveAdmin, a totally useless package and I can't see how it is saving the club so much money when you have to ring PA to book a track day. I used to do 3 or 4 track days a year with the club but I just can't be a Censored d now because of problems paying.



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Calling the office isn't that bad when you then speak to kind and helpful staff.

I agree that LoveAdmin is crap and I'd like to see it ditched in favour of a working system, but meanwhile there still is the phone workaround. Only takes a couple of minutes :-p

tbirds search:

Blatchat Google Search

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I can usually access LA without difficulty, but there seem to have been a few glitches today. Full marks to Lucy at PA for hand holding and sorting cheerfully and efficiently. Thumb Up

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No problems accessing Loveadmin, I just can't update my primary email address. 

Bit hectic during the day at the moment, I'll try and find some time next week to call the office.

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Pick up the phone. It is a far friendlier way of doing business.  Social interaction (chatting to people) is a genuine benefit to life.


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What’s the point of having the system if it doesn’t work and you have to call in any case?



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Scott, my understanding is that a massive amount of work was put in getting the system up and running but unfortunately it works for some people but not for others, you'd assume it'd be user error but that doesn't appear to always be the case. Whatever the issues though, it's certainly not user friendly and intuitive. An alternative system will take time to get in place but I know we can do better. Until then the team in the office can take care of whatever you're struggling with.


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