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Excellent, thanks.  It's all making sense.

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Welcome to the club Thumb Up



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Cheers.  Lots of help - I'm learning a lot!!

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Alan, I am also nearby, in Berko but mine is an S3 not SV. The problem you may find is that an SV is not just broader but longer in the cockpit.


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Hi Alan,  welcome.

I have a 2012 Supersport with a similar but not identical to the car in the ad.  SV, lowered floors etc.  I built mine in 2012 and had Caterham IVA it.  As has been previously stated, it makes no difference whether you home build or factory build for the registration to be a normal one and not Q.  The original supersports came on 13inch wheels, bilstein shocks, had the LSD as standard and also had a bespoke dash layout with the minor instruments clustered and the switches in a single group.  Carbon dash was an option but they only came in standard layout and not the Supersport version.  
The whole sprint ratio story is interesting and caused a few ructions at the time as the linked thread shows.  Mine came with a standard 5 speed Ford box and a quicker diff, and was one of the first to use the BMW casing rather than the Ford.  I did chase Caterham on the box issue.  Initially they said it was short production run and there were none left, but on chasing they did say that if I really wanted I could swap my box for the "sprint" box as they would find me one.  I had built the car by then and when I looked at the ratios there wasn't much in it so I decided to stick with what I had.  There was a story going around that in order to market such a low 0-60 time they had used "sprint" ratios in the demonstrator but never really intended these to be in full production.  Not sure if that's true or not.
They also came with tillets as standard with an option on leathers.  The GT seats were an option but were supposed to be a lot heavier and so I stuck with the standard leather seats.  Supersports all had black packs as standard, and a smaller suede steering wheel with Supersport in the middle.

Of course then as now you can order any options you like on a Caterham to personal taste and all Caterham's are excellent, regardless of what you get.  So that could be a Supersport or perhaps a Roadsport (hence the 15 inch wheels) with some Supersport bits on it.  

Not sure if any of this helps but let me know if I can be of any assistance.


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I wouldn't get hung up on a specific car at this stage Alan, especially as the dealer has limited experience of Caterhams, if you are insistent on an SV, the 2.3 Duratec at Millwood would in my eyes be a better bet, and Jon the proprietor of Millwood is one of the good guys. Sit in a few, ride in a few, don't let your heart rule your head....yet.
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The first time you drive one you will be smitten. ..... View, drive as many as you can, every car is different

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"I'm in Hemel so perhaps once the lock down is sorted I could pop over?"


Of course, no problem.  I'll send you my mobile number so we can arrange logistics

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Lots of good advice above.

Clearly this dealer is not very knowledgeable about Caterhams, and certainly doesn't understand the Q-plate system.  No mainstream Caterham dealer is going to list every cost-option, especially the "Fully removable Wet Weather Gear" (which few owners will be likely to use anyway, favouring the half-hood instead).  I suspect he's simply trying to justify his price.  (Question to Sigma owners: Is £25K correct for this car?)

Like others have said, try not to get hung up on a particular car, especially so early in your research.  See and try a variety if you can, and concentrate on the established and well-known Caterham dealers.  They advertise regularly in LF and will be known personally to Club members.     

If, for the present, you do want to pursue this car, I would suggest you ask the dealer for the Reg # (why is he hiding it?).  With that, you can establish its MOT history and tax status.  1500 miles over 6+ years is not very encouraging news.  It suggests a few short journeys with long gaps in between.  If for some reason he won't divulge the Reg # over the phone, ask for the VIN.  With that, you can approach the Caterham archivist, who'll be able to confirm details of the actual model and spec. 

Good luck in your hunt!



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I was a Sigma owner.  A Roadsport 140 SV with full weather gear, heater, standard roll bar.  I bought it in 2016 for £23,000. 

'Course, as I say above, I didn't have the common sense then to join the club first and ask around.

Dunno about the price now, but I would have thought that a bit high. 


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