The Taffia Fish & Chip Run is back – on Saturday 18th September 2021

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richard lane
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Just put in the diary hope to do it this year. 

Nothing like getting lost somewhere new!


Nick Bassett
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My first - can't wait!

Accommodation booked and raring to go! Driving

Bolter, bolter, full power...

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You won't get lost for long. If it's anything like previous years, the whole route will be absolutely seething with Sevens! Just go with the flow.

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I was lucky enough to drive the Staylittle Pass earlier this year:

Enjoy the Drive!


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Dropped you a DM about camping Andrew Thumb Up

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I just opened my latest LowFlying and saw the article announcing the event Clap

For me 2021 has been a truly awful year, I lost my Mum in May, and with all the other stuff impacting all of us, it's been hard to be positive or excited about anything.  It's just real grind at the moment.   Seeing this though, well genuine excitement!   I'd really like to attend, either way, just wanted to say top work to all involved in staying motivated and putting it together.  I'm excited about the mere possibility.

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CtrMint. PM sent


Peter G
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A question for Andrew, are you able to make the route available beforehand in a file format for satnavs? I can remember most of the route if it's the same as previous years but always handy to have it all on the Garmin for the tricky bits.
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Hi Peter

As something of a Luddite I struggle to follow a satnav never mind downloading a route file.

I haven't got a 2021-specific file, however there are a couple of versions of satnav files for the 2018 event in the Blatmap section of Blatchat.  Having recce'd the route a couple of times this year I can confirm that the only significant difference in 2021 is that the Heads of the Valley (A465) section of the route is now (after 7 years of disruption) almost finished - which means that some of the roundabouts on the A465 have been removed.

As always there will be an up-to-date road book available on the day at start venue - The Piercefield.

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The 2019 route is in the MyRoute L7C group …