Curborough-8 The Sandra Harrison-Moore Memorial Sprint

Class 1 Records

Robert Jacobs

Class 2 Records

Andrew Willoughby

Class 3 Records

Matthew Jenkins

Class 4 Records

Mike Sankey

Class 5 Records

Dave Gemzoe

Class 6 Records

Robert Margel

Class 7 Records

Simon Rogers

Historical Results

The Sandra Harrison-Moore Memorial Sprint

Location : Curborough Sprint Circuit,  Wood End lane, Lichfield, WS13 8NF

The spiritual home of the Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship. It’s technical, fast and very exciting. Despite the fact that we visit this venue twice a year and many competitors also hire it for additional practice, but the perfect lap always seems to be just out of reach! There is normally a large turnout of spectators who come to enjoy the almost uninterrupted view of the track and a great day out.

Remember the turn in at flagpole after Paddock bend now has a penalty cone, make sure you don’t ruin your run by sending it flying.

And now just to shake it up it’s in a new figure of 8 format, don't worry it’s still only one car on circuit at a time so it’s not going to be demolition derby.




The first chance of the season to warm your tyres.  Stay calm there is plenty of time. One car on track at a time!

Paddock Bend

This is a quick corner with far less run off than you may think.  I consider this the most challenging and toughest corner all year!  Try not to take the last cone out but get close.  Remember COLD TYRES! Watch the cone on the apex into woodside as this carry’s a time penalty.


Keep calm but try not to back off to much there is time to be had here.

Mole Hill

Now we get to the technical bit.  My tip - stay to the right on the kink before hand and brake in a straight line deep into the left hand kerb.  Stay up on the hill and use it to turn the car - early on the power and head for Fradley.


There are a couple of lines around this corner some more traditional than others. I brake late to the outside turn and get on the power early. Others sweep around in more of an arc.


So from the exit of Fradley it’s a  short push to the new right hand turn keeping molehill on the right as you head to woodside



So this time your going through woodside in reverse keep right on the exit and make use of the new tarmac lines before braking hard



So flagpole in reverse is a deceptive corner , how slow do you need to go quickly though here, only time will tell, but beware too much speed and you’ll be spinning towards the nice new crash barrier.


A short dash over the finish line in reverse before diving back across towards molehill, much quicker than you approach on the standard circuit, make the most of the new tarmac runoff.


One final time through Fradley picking the best line to carry speed without understeering  before one final familiar dash down the straight to the finish line.