Adjusting idle on 310 (1.6 Sigma)

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The TPS is driven by the throttle butterfly spindle so changes to the idle air setting/throttle stop affect the TPS readings. There are 2 basic settings on easymap   one is throttle position 0-15 and the other is voltage. 0.38v is about right (maybe a bit low) with a position setting just changing from 0-1. However.....the throttle stop/idle air may need adjusting for RPM and this will change the TPS setting which will need resetting and this will probably affect the RPM....YO!  There`s a lot of trial and error involved and the system is very sensitive to small changes I`m currently set at 0.4v and just on the edge of 0-1 position change which works for me!

Best to set it with a warm engine

Don`t overtighten the TPS screws.........It has been known to lock the throttle wide open !!!