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Le Mans 2019

A few of my work colleagues and myself are planning to drive down to Le Mans (15-16 June) but not having done it before wondered if anyone could give some advice on camp site choices. Also would be open for any other advice or tips on what to do, or not do.

We can get heavily discounted ferry tickets through work so wondered if it's possible to buy tickets direct from the ACO or do we have to go through a travel company?



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I’ve stayed with Lycian Events twice before who setup camp on the Porsche Curves but this year I organised it through Piston heads. The campsite is just outside the circuit near the start finish straight, it’s called blue nord.

The organisation was great, I preferred it to Lycian as the food was better and although you couldn’t see the track from the campsite the position seemed better. 

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And Andy, if you have a plan for a great route from UK to Le Mans, why not consider mapping it out for the group in the new Blat Maps service?! I'm planning to go to the next Le Mans Classic and would love to see a good route for the trip...

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ReHaB stay here. Good site, tents available, food, bar, minibus shuttles etc





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