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Hi James

I have sent you a message



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My car was similarly nudged in 1999 and I insisted it went back to Dartford for repair. If I'm honest the new rear skin isn't quite as nicely fitted as the original. I know personnel change but if you're only doing something occasionally you're unlikely to be as good as someone doing it every day.

If it happened again I would take it back to Arch for chassis / panel work.


I guess it depends if you just want to hand it over for someone to manage or have the hassle of coordinating yourself but pick the best for each task.

I'd be inclined to take the money, ease the panel out, new light and use it for the summer! 


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"If I'm honest the new rear skin isn't quite as nicely fitted as the original"

My 1994 car is on its 3rd set of front panel skins (all replaced at Arch) and the fit of the current set is no where as good as the first set, but significantly better than the second set. Quite a lot of variation, but done by hand, so I suppose to be expected.


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£3k - £4k for a little dent like that - ouch.

And I thought the Elise my 310R replaces was expensive to repair! At least with a Seven its not a write-off if the chassis gets damaged I suppose.

As others have said, it's not your problem thankfully. Fingers crossed it's like new again soon.


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