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I was saddened to hear about this, Brian was full of ideas and a fascinating chap to talk to. He kindly offered bed'n'breakfast when I visited his local meeting back in 2019, a lovely evening spent with a nice gent.




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Bloody hell - just seen this - what awfully sad news.

I didn't know Brian personally, but last year I organised a L7C blat to Cheddar Gorge and Brian contacted me to say that they sometimes close the road through the Gorge because of problems with the 'Max Power' brigade drifting and generally causing problems. He knew someone senior in the local Police and offered to have a word to allow some responsible Caterham drivers to go up through the Gorge. It was a really kind offer on his part and I quickly thanked him and on the day we did indeed drive up through the Gorge under a lovely blue sky.

RIP Brian and thanks again for all your help - I only wish I got to meet you in person and shake you by the hand. Frown

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I am so sorry to hear of Brian's passing. Sending my thouhts and condolences to his friends and family.

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I have just heard from Julie, Brian's wife, and she has passed on details of a Memorial Fund that she has set up in Brian's memory.  Her message and a link to the fund is below, for those Club members who would like to pay their respects by way of an appropriate contribution:

Brian and I were looked after for the last few weeks of his life by the fabulous staff of St Peter’s Hospice and it was their wonderful care that allowed Brian to pass away at home as comfortably as possible.  It was his wish that rather than any floral tributes or other funeral-related gestures, anyone wishing to remember him should donate to the St Peter’s Hospice Charity in his name so they can continue what they do so brilliantly.  Needless to say, they have lost almost all of their income due to lockdown.

If you feel able to support St Peter’s you can follow the link below:
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RiP Brian

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Hi All,

 JamesB and I attended Brian's funeral on Tuesday. It seems a little trite to say so, but no less worthy all the same - it was a lovely service. Brian was laid to rest in a white casket that looked to me like either cardboard, or wicker wrapped in white cardboard, and which was covered in stickers of things he enjoyed in his life. Among others, there were stickers of minis, planes (looked like an A380 from what I could tell), vintage motor bikes, rugby logos, the English Rugby rose and of course the Lotus Seven Club logo.

Brian had clearly made a positive impression on many people's lives and will be missed by many. There were some great reminiscences of Brian and both Julie and Oliver gave very touching and warm personal accounts of their husband and father respectively.

  Brian's humor also came out in the service too. The entrance music was "Get a Bloomin' Move On!" by the Self Preservation Society (from The Italian Job soundtrack) with "My Way" being played as a moment of reflection part way through the service. There was a poem read out about rugby by Max Boyce "9 - 3 (At Treorchy)" and the recessional music was "Common as Muck" by Ian Dury and the Blockheads - which Brian and Julie would sing at the top of their voices on a Friday night after a few glasses of wine.

  I'm sure there will be a few more words said by others about Brian but I wanted to let you know my thoughts on the funeral.

RIP Brian.


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Thank you for posting that, John; a sensitive and fitting account of Tuesday's service.

I should add: the first time in my lifetime that I've gone away from a crematorium with "a wake in a bag".  A lovely touch that Brian would have very much enjoyed.

Incidentally, we heard that Brain's much-loved Caterham has already found a new home, somewhere oop-north from what I recollect.