Caterham Cars has been sold...

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This is certainly not an April Fools joke. CC has been for sale for ages. VT Holdings is a great fit with the Caterham business.

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The Evening with Caterham comments about the 160 and a Kei class car make a lot of sense now.  Also a part I have been waiting for is only going to be available next week, sort of makes scenes from a assets/ handover point of view.

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Vauxhall has not been British owned since 1925 when General Motors bought it

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Nothing against the company who bought caterham,they poss do well ,it's just the UK. Seems to own sod al now ,and not just car companies 


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My thoughts immediately are to look at the effects of the two previous changes of ownership.


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Given the meaning of the song let's hope not !!Wink

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#27 I've obviously lead such a sheltered life. Never knew what that song title referred to. Rofl

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Having had experience of working with the Japanese at Honda & TS Tech this buy out may be a shock to the management & work force when it comes to work regimes, discipline & customer care.

If VT parachute in personnel to oversee CC & steer it the Japanese way of operating there could be ructions or indeed people walking out of the door.

The Japanese being what they are I cannot see them allowing Macdonald et al to continue in the present vein.

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I'm searching for a rising sun badge already.....Type

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