1985 Car - First MOT today

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Thanks for the kind words, bought as a covid lockdown project, Ian (Wrightpayne) and I are bordering on being almost competent now!, actually his skills and lateral thinking capabilities have pulled me out of a few holes, credit where its due. As he said the tin top number plate was originally put on our last project, and kept as a memoir, the BDR is now owned by a Le Bog Club member, Paul. ( I'd sell him the plate for the right number of readies though lol)
John Vine
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BEAUTIFUL!  Excellent work all round.


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Great looking car!

Tony P
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Nice work, Tazio!

I'm regaining my love for flared wings, having, in the past, chucked a pair on the council tip...

Tony Pashley

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That looks just lovely Tazio.  But no more than I would have expected, with the expertise that's gone into her.


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Thanks for the kind words. the polishing of the panels only came about as the patina and markings on the panels after sitting in a garage for 34 years needed attention. I tried to just get a matt brushed look, but wasn't successful, and though now polished, the car still carries it's patina, there are marks too deep to polish out, let's call it a work in progress.....

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Well done Alan.  That is very smart.  I have an affection for Jupiter wheels.


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Looks good Alan, I must try and speed up my project (life keeps getting in the way)


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You've clearly done an incredible job - it looks amazing!

In particular I love the flared wings.  I genuinely wish I had flared wings on my Seven as they look so much better (in my humble opinion ;-) )

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Absolutely beautiful! Well done! 

I always think the XF with flares is the archetypal Caterham ( I confess to some bias as I had one for 15 years!)