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I bought the silver one last year, and love it. I am maintaining a register of all cars worldwide which is accessible to 21 owners and lets us keep in touch with each other for moral support / spares / tips etc. There are two chassis number series, but the numbers are not consecutive (presumably to mask the low sales volumes), but far as I can ascertain 40 cars were actually built including the two alloy bodied cars, of which 9 are overseas. At least two cars are still owned by their original owner. 

My observations are as follows:

  • Chassis corrosion can be an issue - check carefully before you buy
  • Maintenance access is difficult, moreso than a 7.
  • Windscreens are challenging, but available with effort. You will become a very slow driver through loose chippings!
  • The car is quite a bit heavier than a 7, maybe 100kg more
  • I think the standard car is under-geared, especially the 1800
  • No one waves at you in a 21 like they do in a 7
  • Cockpit is surprisingly roomy, even with the roof up. I'm 6'2" and no issues.
  • ​You can speak to your passenger at 70 without shouting
  • They leak like 7's. Well, almost.
  • Ground clearance can be an issue because of the underslung exhaust
  • Don't try getting in or out with the roof up

Notwithstanding the above, I love mine and aim to keep it for ever. Call me if you want, or come over and have a go - I'm in Caxton, not too far from you by the looks. 07515-641889


Guy Lachlan​



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Well said Guy Thumb Up
I agree 100%

To my eyes: The 7 is superior and iconic.

I see the 21 as a modern Morgan Plus 4 plus ..similar story. I hope the value will raise the same Yikes  (but I think not)

It is one of the very last old fashioned designed/build car (no CAD, prototype made in a shed, low volume)...in fact everything I love in 60's fiberglass British cars Biglaugh
Difficult commercial history make it today a rare beast Bowtie and a must have Woohoo
Hope to keep mine forever.

Area Representative France North

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If I may be permitted to drift away very slightly from the OPs thread, and whilst it has the attention of 21 owners,  I have an unused Catalyst for sale from a K engined 21, if anyone finds themselves needing another cat.

BM me if interested.

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I'm around Oxford / Abingdon if you want to a feel for for one.

I'm planning a restauration as well.