Aeroscreen for daily use

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I added an aeroscreen earlier this year - planned mostly for track use, but I've tried it a couple of times on road and reached the conclusion that - it's not much fun on road for anything more than an hour or so, and I would only do it with a helmet. Keeping away from traffic is all well and good - until you catch something and want to overtake. Even with earplugs, there's a lot more wind roar on the helmet than with a screen which makes it tiring. The car does pick up much faster at overtaking speeds which I'd expect to benefit significantly on track.

Still haven't managed to get out on track with it this year what with everything else going on, but it's a 5 minute job to swap with the screen and fits in the passenger seat/footwell so I can drive to the track with the screen on and quickly swap it over. 

SWMBO doesn't come out in the car anyway, so that point is moot.