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Martin J
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Well done for doing the 1000 mile oil change yourself Jon.  I'm sure I should be capable of doing that but were you just up on stands and lying on the garage floor or do you have access to a lift? 

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Just stands/garage floor, or rather sleepers underneath the wheels. I still haven't identified a central jacking point, which means I'd jacked where you'd want to put stands IYSWIM. 

I got used to it when I had an Elise. Getting the undertray back on was the hardest bit - using a jack to lift it up helps. While the service interval is 12k, I'm planning to do 6k intermediate oil/filter changes, although this year haven't managed the miles to merit it (1st anniversary coming up next month and it'll be up to about 8k total, so 7k since the "running in" change).

FTAOD, there's no mandate of a running in oil change (and technically running-in isn't finished until 1800 miles), but I chose to do one as good practice.