American Civil War - 2020!

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There was a sound logic Doug but time has moved on and the constitution is not fit for purpose. Similarly our own parliament was established in the 1600's and is no longer fit for the modern world. Trouble is no one can see clearly enough or has enough elected authority to change them for the better. Once you're in power why bother with the hassle it's very complicated.

It imagine that Bricols mate is thinking of arming himself against anyone who he feels threatens his life whether they be Right, Left or from space or maybe it's not that obvious.  The USA in the whole has brought this well and truly on itself and it will be very difficult to manage a calm way out.

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I'm with Pete.  Do your own investigations and research.  Genuinely, I urge you to spend some time to immerse yourself in the websites that some on the right take their news and opinion from.

Breitbart is a good place to start

Fox News.  I've linked here to a story that references the Biden reference from Pete's last post.

Pete has previously linked to FrontPageMag and WhatReallyHappened

Pete has also referenced QAnon.  I don't know if this is an official site, but I recommend you start here with the video on this page and then move on to some of the other videos (via the link in the bottom left of the webpage).

There are lots of sites that decode / decrypt Q Drops as they are known.  I've randomly picked out a couple of sites for you to take a look at.  Q Drop Post Reviews.  RedPill78

Pete decries those of us who put in links to posts to show where we are taking our information from.  He talks of the "echo chamber of BBC, Guardian, CNN etc. MSM" yet offers little in the way of the source material that is shaping his news, views and opinion.  Could it be that he has his own 'echo chamber' every bit as one sided as the MSM (as the right seemingly like to call every news outlet that doesn't back Trump)?  Or could it be that some of these right wing, Trump supporting websites are full of toe-curling conspiracy theories and to link to their sites directly would shine a light on their doctrine and totally discredit them as a reputable information source?

Interesting the Brietbart is having a pop at Nikki Haley (a Republican, one of the few who left the Trump administration on her own terms).  Like with Romney, any Republican who isn't in step with the Trump position seems to be labeled a RINO and gets targeted by the Trump supporting media.


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Thanks Steve, those websites will get me started. I am not so clued up with who I should to take my articles from when it comes to America and I was hoping you would reply on this thread.

Pete - I wasn't trying to catch you out, I wanted somewhere to start having a read. As for being a personal search engine - yes I could search away and be bogged down by unreliable sources from fruit cakes. 

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When I look at extremists compared with the population as a whole, they are so convinced that their views are normal and everyone else is a radical and so can quite easily normalise their views. The weird thing that seems to be happening in the US with Trump is the emergence of two very binary views of "normality" in the political spectrum, which is quite different than any other major democracy where the majority of political views are on a single distribution with the major parties social norms just being a skew of society as a whole, not so with the divisiveness that Trump has fomented.

I would classify myself as a small "C" conservative (in the past referred to as a "Pinko" by the more right-wing Conservatives), as I think many on this group are and I think I can prove where I sit in the political spectrum. Pete with his strongly (extremist to me) views seems to sit out on the edge relative to the general population distribution, although from his perspective I'm the extremist.

In terms of my political proof, well the last time I voted in the UK, I helped elect Maggie, as I voted Conservative, at that time (1983), the political distribution from the popular vote looked like this when stacked from left to right (parties with more than 1% of the vote):

Labour 27.6%; SDP-Liberal 25.4% / Scottish National 1.1%; Conservative 42.4%.

I would put myself at the 60th percentile politically, in the centre of the general population and just in the conservative pool.

Skip forward to 2019 and the Canadian election, the parties sort of map quite well to the UK with NDP being the Labour equivalent and Bloc Quebecois being the equivalent of the SNP (both aligned politically somewhat near the centre):

Green 6.5%; NDP 16%; Bloc Quebecois 7.6% / Liberal 33.1%; Conservative 34.3%

I would still put myself at the 60th percentile, I did vote Liberal this time (have generally voted Conservative in Canada in the past), so I'm still in the slightly right-of-centre compared with the population.

Now to the last UK election:

Green 2.0%; Labour 32.2%; Liberal Democrat 11.6% / SNP 3.9%; Conservative 43.6%; Brexit 2.0%

I would have been aligned with the Alliance party made up of the no-Brexit Conservatives and others, so still somewhere around 60th percentile. I think Pete would be somewhere in the Brexit Political 2%, i.e. the 99th percentile as his centre, quite extreme relative to the general population political view.

Perhaps the problem democracies are seeing, where the US is on the leading edge, is the emergence of authoritarian rule, causing a split in the distribution of political views. This seems like the path to the end of democracy as we know it, if the trend continues.





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Thanks Steve


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Very well put James.


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I think James is pretty spot on there

Most of us are somewhere in the middle (slightly left or right maybe but generally middle) however the worrying trend is that all the airing/shouting/winning is being done by the far right Trump supporting etc etc hot air brigade who like it or not are deeply morally disturbing and this seems to me to be a backlash against the Woolly Liberal namby pamby "woke" millenial whine culture which was ruling and also deeply morally disturbing. The majority of us in the middle would just like them all to STFU

These people are being given too much space to air their shoddy views

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Electoral systems which allow a winner are the underlying problem.

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Particularly ones which distort the results into a sick parody of democracy:


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I used to visit the states a lot in the late 80s & 90s & I was always of the impression that the Police did not carry out their duties by consent as here in the UK.

It was more by shear terror. Even being 'pulled' for a minor misdemeanor - failed brake light, crossing the solid line in a late lane change was to endure that feeling of fear &  doom. The police were never that polite & there was always that perceived threat of something far worse impending if you did not follow the routine they required to the absolute letter.

I understand that with the gun laws the Police have to be careful how they approach but they never seemed to assess the threat & then act accordingly.     

I just hope that the left wing anti establishment gun toting back woods & swamp lovers do not decide to take advantage of the current situation as there will be BIG trouble.