Any other email users?

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Any other email users?

I suspect there aren't many of us left but I'm still using my original email address from 1993.

Just had a notice through yesterday saying Vodafone has withdrawn the license to use this domain name and I have 3 months to migrate! 

It's a bit of a nightmare given how everything I've ever used online has been setup with that email address, oh well time to go and work out what my new domain name should be.

Tony Whitley
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You and Tim Berners-Lee are probably the only ones.  I had to give up my (later) email a while ago.

Golf Juliet Tango
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That is a bu88er. 

I wonder if Microsoft will retire all the Hotmail accounts?  (I hope not, I use mine from time to time).


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Worth complaining as they might be trying it on to see if they can get away with it. The cost of maintaining the old addresses is probably very very low for them.

Caveat: I was forgetting the value of the domain once they kick you off which might allow them to sell it to someone else.