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Anyone Know About Rural Broadband - Using TV Signals ?

Where I live, we have snail pace Broadband, with no prospect of a 'superfast' system being provided in the near future, due to the engineering costs.

We've explored various options, including line of sight radio transmissions - but even this has prohibitive initial and rental costs. 

However, I understand that there is another possibility using TV 'white space', which doesn't require 'line of sight'.

Does anyone know about this, or any organisations offering it ?


Hi Mike, I don't know if you've already tried this but have you spoken with the wireless broadband providers about government subsidies? My parents had been put off with the cost of it, but my Dad queried the cost with the local provider (Wispire I think) they told him there was a subsidy towards the setup / equipment costs. From what I remember the the subsidy either pay for all the setup or covered enough to make it pretty reasonable.


I'd never heard of it, but that triggered a bit of reading and it sounds fascinating. Thanks!

Have you already been through the possibilities of the cellular 'phone and satellite networks?


Yes, unfortunately, satellite isn't viable and cellular is patchy.

There is a funded initiative called Fastershire, where I live, but I'm still sceptical about the rollout dates.

We are in a valley in the Cotswolds - c.15 households and up to 45-50 individual users. We do have a TV relay that transmitted analogue and then freeview to these houses, and it occurred to me that this might be used for broadband, utilising the 'white space'.

just need someone who has the expertise.

For another approach to rural broadband

I suggest you listen to Radio 4 "In Business" on just this subject.

Or research this project/business. https://b4rn.org.uk


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I got about £500 grant towards a satellite connection which covered the hardware and installation. Not sure if the government grants cover other types of connection mine was awarded on the appalling connection speed over BT's copper. Fibre has arrived at a village 2 miles away so I hope to ditch satellite asap if the latter is extended but the fells aren't lucrative for revenue and things move slowly.

White space is still in the trial phase as there are both technical and legal issues to resolve. I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Hi Mike,

Given your location, this might be worth a look?