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Best driving route From East Anglia to Highlands


I've a great collection of motorcycle routes around the UK, but before I cobble them together to create a route from Cambridge to Wick over a few days, I wonder if anyone has already done this?

I don't want to drive on the boring motorways, nor singletrack with butt-jarring surfaces. Ideally I'd like to use sweeping A-roads that have been mostly forgotten, and B roads that have seen a new surface since the 1880s.

The trip would be over a few days to spare the SWMBO 'endurance' traveling in a live axle adjustable platform LOUD seven with lowered floors. So stopping off maybe 3 times at B&B, doing the there and back in about 10 days.

I've done similar on a motorbike, 1,000miles in 24hrs as part of an Ironbutt event, so Caterham use is luxury :-)

Thanks for any suggestions/links.


if your car is LOUD, then wear ear protection.

Having done long trips in Europe I would be prepared to do some motorway driving. You can quickly get past large tracts of what would otherwise be dull built up areas. Which then allows you to take more time in the nice bits.

Hi.  Matt to keep the other half happy I would invest in a pair of intercoms.    Last year did 1750 MLs round Scotland.   Got pair of inter coms.   Would not go now without.       We got pair.   Stilo head sets  price around.   £ 350  best money spent.          Derek 

As stated by Doug I'd bite the bullet till Scotch Corner and then perhaps Barnard Castle, Alston, Hexham, Jedburgh and then possibly the new Forth road bridge.

 Hi Matt,

Have a look at this:

Cambridge: A1 to Scotch Corner  (Various parallel routes available)

A66 to Penrith  then M6 to Gretna  (Various side routes available)

Gretna, A75 to Portpatrick  for first over night stay

Portpatrick, A77 to Prestwick then A78 to Erskine Bridge, then A82 to Loch Lomond and the North

 Remember, it has been known to rain in the highlands!!




*Rules were made for the guidance of wise men and fools" - I am neither*whistle*

Thanks for all the info! Yes, earplugs definitely as past motorcyclist we also had intercoms too. Car versions seem a bit more pricey!

Tried set last year.  Would not be without now.   There was that many types and prices      So borrowed a set.    Stilo practice rally head sets.    Still got them as bloke hasn't decided weather sell them or not but.  If he doesn't sell will buy set.    Think they are around £300.00.    Poss buy cheaper but as we have tried them    Would go for these.      Derek

I'd put up and hack north on the main routes, then think about more interesting routes north of Leeds. Don't waste you time in the east Midlands/ south Yorks if you're heading to the Highlands. There are good parallel routes to the M6/74 through the borders which are very quiet (old A6/A74 I think). The roads towards Berwick on my list to do one day. West coast is much more interesting than the east.

Hi don't now exactly were you are but which ever way you go long way up to highlands but great place.  We went in may.  As live in iom ferry to heysham then went up to pitlocry 240 miles aprox.  Went all motorway and main roads   Stayed there night.    Then went up west coast.  To tongue then came down to lairg.    Then back down to heysham.   Would think you would have. Pos 350 miles to get to heysham done full Nc 500 route but thought east coast not worth doing again    Great run thinking doing similar next year     If want any info or accomadation info.    Contact me.      Last time did it.   Only saw three seven s  all parked st kylesku.  Bridge.        Lads had flown up from London and hired sevens for blast round    Derek

Polainm, hi.

However you get to the north of Edinburgh. (40 mph on the new bridge -  BUT we didn't get much above 5 mph as it was the day it opened properly) Make your way to PERTH

DO go up the A93 to Blairgowie.

A93 Bridge of Cally

A93 Spittle of Glenshee

A93 (old military road) to Braemar

A93 Balmoral (wave {as we did last week} if the crowds are gathered for Royalty, they were up there for the bridge opening)

A93/939 to Cock Bridge

A939 Tomintoul

A939 Grantown on Spey

A939 Ferness

A939 Nairn.

Left on A9 to Inverness (I couldn't find the 24 lost souls).

Did this last fortnight (both ways) - Still grinning.

Bakewell, I prefer a tart