Brighton Speed Trials 4 September

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Brighton Speed Trials 4 September

Finally, Brighton & Hove Motor Club have been given the green light to run this year's event. 

I'm sure they'll be the usual group of 7s there as well as far more exotic and quicker machinery, I'm not sure yet if the 'bikes will be running.

Always a good day out (weather permitting) Thumb Up

Do come and say hello (car no. TBA)


andy couchman
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Well done Aeroscreens - hope you had a great day at Brighton.

Perhaps the oldest continuing motorsport event in the world (it beat Shelsley Walsh by a couple of months) the event went ahead, with just three weeks' notice.

Competitor numbers were therefore, unsurprisingly, down, as were spectators especially early on. There were no bikes too, as their motorsport authority wouldn't license the track, due to concerns over surface changes due to adding a green surfaced cycle lane, and narrowing of the track in one place. Views were mixed about whether losing the bikes was a bad or good thing...

Caterhams were spilt across classes 2, 3 and 5 and Aeroscreens did a brilliant job, coming second in class, beaten only by an Arial Atom.

My little red 7 did its best ever time, just dipping below 13 seconds, at 12.99 secs and 106mph over the line. That's a full half second better than its previous best, in 2017.It was the car's 21st Brighton, and my 22nd (Dave Jackson very kindly let me drive his quick K series 7 one year, as mine had engine issues. At long last I bettered that too this year). We were fifth in class (an R500 beating me pretty soundly!).

Lest I get too big headed (moi?) I was beaten out of 4th in class by a crossflow engined Ford Anglia. OK, it had 210bhp, revved to 8,500 and was driven by someone little morte than a third my age (Jonathan Harris is also part of the Harris Performance Engines family, so knows how to build a good engine and he competes regularly so knows how to drive too - nice bloke too). Our class was won by Rob Stevens in a v v quick Elise, and Rob's an ex-7er too (his car even made it to the Top 10 run off).

I was very happy, as my previous run, in 2019, was the car's second slowest ever. It turned out the cam timing was one tooth out and that funny knocking noise from the top of the engine was the valves hitting the pistons. Ahem.

Northampton Motorsport rebuilt the engine (an unbudgeted for and costly business as a hell of a lot of work was necessarily, including an engine out rebore and new pistons) and the end result was just one more bhp (now 172 at 6,900 revs). However, a dyno reading is clearly not everything. The car now pulls better, especially at high revs, and replacing the sock type air filters with a Pipercross sausage type, with a home made back, looks to have made a bug difference as the engine is no longer strangled by its filters.

Even the weather was great so, what looked a month earlier to be a non-event this year, turned out to be a great day. Well done fellow 7ers and to all the 7ers who popped along to say hello too!