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Caterham Calendar
Rather disappointing news (considering we are in the 60th anniversary year and should feel buoyed with optimism for the future of the Seven), but it has come to my attention that Caterham are not bothering with a calendar for 2018. It seems a bit of a shame. This year's sold really quickly. Oh well....better get another club calendar instead to fill the space!

Is anyone on here involved in printing professionally?

In the absence of anything official, what we could do is send our own pictures to depict our 7 life and ownership?

My contribution will be a picture of an inane grin, at hat and gloves (I’m a northern member) and a pair of brown trousers Thumb Up 

New hobbies include:

1) Learning to develop a lighter right foot.  2) Learning the location of all local tunnels.  3) Learning to feed a family on the cheap as I've spent all the money on a plaything

I assume its Caterham Cars are not producing a calendar. The Lotus Seven Club calendar is still on (??) as deadline for pictures was a while ago.


Maybe they think that calendar users “only represents a small minority of owners etc etc”



'scuse me while I kiss the sky

Confused by this post?? There is a club calendar we should be getting next week?

I was never aware CC did a calendar lol

Regards Tom

Superlight R300 - 1st Caterham Driving

They did 2 a ‘Road’ and a ‘Race’ or ‘Motorsport’ version, anyway the Club calendar is far superior and included as part of our membership Thumb Up

If you are looking for ‘another’ calendar on a completely different subject why not try one of these here

Just to confirm that the Club calendar will indeed be sent out with Lowflying this month.  They are due to ship from our mailing house this week so not too much longer to wait Byebye

Thanks to all those who submitted photos.  The judging was as tricky as always, but I hope you'll agree that the final result looks great!



Michael Calvert

Lowflying Editor ([email protected])

Club calendar   Thumb Up  every time.

Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty

why don't we send one to caterham . as a good will gesture. 

Colin Biglaugh

We do. We still include Caterham Cars in LowFlying distribution. We, the Club, have no argument with CC, it is all on their side.

Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty