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Derek Batty
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COVID vaccine

Just wondered your thoughts on today's news the gov have given the ok for COVID vaccine ,

will you have it ? Or poss wait a while 


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As i'm working on the Oxford and Johnson trials, and used to live with one of the Pfizer vaccine Vice Presidents, I should probably say yes.

Suspect I will be someway down the list unless they see Lab staff working with COVID samples as at higher risk.

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No, but not because of a specific concern. 

Golf Juliet Tango
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I'll take whatever vaccine is offered and will wait for my turn.

I hate the fuss I have heard on the radio about "should people have a choice of which vaccine they have?" (Answer "No, do you have the detailed knowledge required on which to base your choice?").  Nor do I want to see the unedifying spectacle of everyone claiming they should have priority over others.  The order chosen has been made, don't create artificial debate that might create delay.


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You may have dealt with my samples then Bob, I was/am in phase 1 of the Oxford trial.

Like you Stephen, I'll take whatever they offer when they offer it. Maybe I'll end up with a triple dose of Oxford or a combo of them.


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Graham King
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I will happily have it, I'd take it now but have no problem with waiting my turn (Phase 7 for me), I'd like everyone to have it but don't believe it should (or could) be made compulsory. I agree with Stephen, the order has been done, whatever way you do it there'll be arguments for and against one group over another. So let's just get on and focus on delivering against that as it's not going to be straightforward. 


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I’ll take it but I’m well after all the groups listed.

As long as it means we can get back to normal and stop the low risk people being restricted I’m all for it.

That does mean that all the people on the listed groups have to have it or they have to just accept the risk if they don’t I guess. Around this part of the country the most vocal to stay restricted are those at high risk. That’s fair enough for them to stay in but if they then refuse it, which is possible if it’s not compulsory which I can’t see them doing, they have to let us out. 

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I will have it as soon as it is available. I expect to get the Oxford one as it will be drastically cheaper and easier to give to large numbers of people.

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A simple yes from me, as someone in the 70+ group it will be the first time getting older has a benefit.


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Yes but not very high on the French list

Golf November 10
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Definite yes, to protect me, my family and friends and anyone else I have contact with. I don't think the roll out will be plain sailing. The armchair critics will have a field day, again