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Darren Phillips

Is Darren still at CC? Mailed [email protected] about parts that are out of stock but it was undelivered. Haven't mailed him for a while but he's always been very helpful. 

He was certainly there a week ago.
Try [email protected] .. that's the most recent one in my contacts ... But no guarantee that is up to date either.

Perhaps something wrong with their website as it isn't recognising my email address or password. 

But Darren hasn't looked after Parts for a while, surely?

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Yes, [email protected] works fine.  And although he now has the title "Aftersales Commercial Manager", he certainly still deals with parts.


PS: When I first read your thread title, I thought something horrible had happened....

The last time I ordered something I had logon problems. I think I had to get someone at Caterham to reset the account in someway and then I was able to reset my password.

i had trouble  logging on,Darren sorted it straight away and 2 days later, 4 zzs  arrive. top man. 

My experiences of dealing with Darren have been universally excellent - as above, Top Man; and as higher up when I first saw the thread, I also anticipated something horrible. Eek

me too. He's fine.

Resolved by Darren (and SM25T). Thanks all, part shown as out of stock have been found.