David Bellamy - gone.

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David Mirylees
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David Bellamy - gone.

I don;t suppose many here will know but David Bellamy was a Seven owner - I did a piece on him seems like a million years ago. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50752089 

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I'd forgotten all about the reason he'd disappeared (climate change comments) until it was mentioned on the news this morning.  I would image most have by now and he will rightly be remembered for being the affable, likeable guy he always came across as on TV.

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I'd forgotten about that piece David, thanks for the reminder.  It's in the LF archive here:


Michael Calvert

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Grapple me Grapenuts......

Harry Flatters
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I think you'll find that's "gwapple me gwapenuts". :-)

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I read in The Times obit that the poor old bugger had run out of TV work as soon as he stood for James Goldsmith's Referendum Party in 1992   .

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Thanks. I didn't know he had a Seven.

I didn't like his style but thought that he was working hard in a good cause both as a presenter and campaigner.

Then he made a fool of himself over climate change.

And I've just discovered that he was a fan of homoeopathy.


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I recall he was chased off Islay by enraged locals.