To Drive, Or Not To Drive....THAT, is the question....

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To Drive, Or Not To Drive....THAT, is the question....

What's the general feeling about going for a drive? Non-essential? Part of a exercise routine (?) Good for mental heath? Elongated drive to the shops (once a week).

Can we logically interpret and then be comfortable with these new requirements?


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Crystal clear as far as I am concerned. Non of the above.

Jonathan Kay
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Part of a exercise routine...

For most of us walking and cycling with members of the household are fine and allowed, as long as we keep distance from others. Great opportunity to do more.


Ed White
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If you want an exercise challenge; press ups. I do loads, always have. There was a challange online last year I got some mates into. One could only do 3 on day one, but was doing 100 a day in batches of 25 by day 31. Give it a go. Come out of the end of this buff and having acheived something lol

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"For most of us walking and cycling with members of the household are fine and allowed, as long as we keep distance from others. Great opportunity to do more."

Alright for some. I've got a dog used to doing 3 slow walks a day. I'll might end up cycling to the shops - 200 yards away but nothing in the rules to say I have to take the direct route.   

Tony Whitley
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Don't worry, Johnson will change the rules again tomorrow.

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That's a bit harsh.  He's having to deal with a constantly changing scenario, and for once, the Politicians are being lead by the people who are supposed to know how to run Public Health in an Epidemic. Sure he's changing the rules, but he wouldn't have to if the Great Moronic British Public did what they were told for once.

Harry Flatters
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What he said Thumb Up

FWIW, I think Boris has risen well to the task. Can you imagine the shambling disaster of a response to this crisis if we had had a government led by Corbyn, Abbott and co? 

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What he said #2 Thumb Up Boris is handling this well, we would all be dead if Corbyn  was in charge.

With regard to the OP, NO . . . . . what part of the governments instructions do you not understand?



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Dave put the keys to your seven in a drawer and forget about it until this is over. Boris never was and is no fool, I like Guy shudder at the thought of Corbyn sitting on the fence over all decisions. I know it's hard not to drive our lovely cars but we really need to stay at home and keep each other safe Longy
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Ok, playing devils advocate here. So, what's the difference between going out for a blat after filling up then sanitizing your hands, driving, without getting out until getting home and going for a cycle ride or walking the dog?  

An exert from Visordown Motorcycle magazine:–-here’s-proof

'Riding a motorcycle can burn anywhere between 170-600 calories an hour. As much as some people can burn in an hour at the gym'.

Riding my motorcycle and driving my 420r require much of the same input.