Dunsfold Handling Day - Booking now open

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I have to say that the LoveAdmin site is more than a little bit annoying, when purchasing through other applications the process appears much smoother, there is a degree of perseverance and determination needed to use the site that requires teeth gritting before logging on. I can only hope that the powers that be do something to address the issues. Overall less than impressed.

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Harry Flatters
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Hi folks - just an update on bookings on the DHD.

The PM session is all but booked out, with just 3 places left. The AM session has 21 places available. 

Don't miss out! This really will be your last opportunity to enter this great event.

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I used the LoveAdmin site today and found it straight forward. Booked by debit card without any issues.
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I've just received a refund for this. I presume its been cancelled, which is a shame as I thought we'd be able to keep our distance. MSVT track days are still proceeding on this basis. Gutted
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Danno please see the post here

LoveAdmin System Administrator & Website Help

Harry Flatters
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Danno, I understand your disappointment. The event was cancelled for the health and well being of all concerned. 

Much as you may believe that it would be possible to maintain distances, the DHD is more of a 'social' event than a track day. There would have been inevitable crowding at briefings, around the food wagon and event control at the ESV. Not to mention 2 portaloos being shared by 100+ people and the problem of sharing club owned crash helmets for use on the Top Gear circuit.

Some of our number would have inevitably been in high risk groups and naturally would want to withdraw. This would have put financial pressure on the event, which, due to massively increased costs this year, was already running on very thin margins.

Lastly there was the unquantifiable risk of any asymptomatic COVID-19 sufferer freely mixing with others whilst producing and possibly transmitting an untold volume of virus.  

I hope you appreciate the reasons for the cancellation. There was no one more gutted than I. But we are where we are I'm afraid.

Stay safe all.....

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I'm guessing the office is now closed? So how do I receive my refund as i paid over the phone??

Regards Tom

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Harry Flatters
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Hi Tom, if the office is closed, please bear with them during this difficult period and once they re-open, I'm sure they will expedite all remaining refunds.

Stay safe...... Thumb Up

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Morning all, 

just so you know the office is still working. If you have booked on to Dunsfold, you should have received an email this morning explaining how to claim your refund. Any issues send us an email to [email protected] or call us on 01873777303.

Stay safe all, best wishes


Membership Team

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danno, MSV track days are cancelled until 30th April. 


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