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Energy Deals

Our latest fixed price deal with Scottish Power ends next month and looks like their next offering will be quite a bit more next time round.  Checking the comparison websites, they seem to be full of new name companies that have been created within the last 12-18 months.  The big 6 names don't start appearing until some way down the lists.

So does anyone have any recommendations of dual fuel providers we should consider?  i'm looking for a 12 month fixed price deal with meter readings we can easily provide through a website.  This is one of the big attractions of Scottish Power and we've remained with them for the last two fixed term deals.



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Have a look at First Utility Nick, I'm on my second fixed deal and about to have a smart meter fitted. Good customer service and good apps showing usage and meter reading inputs.

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I'm with OVO energy, I've just renewed for a 3rd year. I'm as happy with them as much as you can feel happy about an energy supplier! 

Blue C7
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Been with OVO for last two years all on line no problems.

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Another satisfied First Utility customer, currently on a 24 month deal with meter readings either via a PC or mobile app.

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I check every year. My provider of the last few years has just shot up by about 20% so I am switching to a new company called Iresa. I've been with several cheap providers who have gone bust and it is not a problem as you are automatically switched to a default provider and then just search again.

Every area and usage profile will throw up a different provider so it is not worth asking who is cheapest without knowing all the details. Comparison sites are essential.

Single fuel deals generally work out cheaper.

Some comparison sites offer money (£10 - £20) for switching.

Scroll down to "For more help switching energy via comparison sites click here" at :



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Have you got access to Which? As well as the raw data they have a big satisfaction survey and an online comparison tool.

It would probably pay for itself as a one-off search.


Mark w
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If the OVO tariff is competitive i would recommend them for customer service .

I changed this year from OVO to Octopus ( yes really ! ) better price for me after OVO increased their rates  and the customer service at Octopus seems to be as good as OVO ( similar App for submitting meter readings )


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I'm presently a First Utility customer. I won't be renewing with them. My contract ends in May. They contacted me offering a new dual fuel fixed contract with a lower monthly charge. Great I thought. I rang them and queried what the new unit and daily standing charge was. The operator couldn't/wouldn't tell me. I rang the next day, same result. I emailed the CEO. and was contacted that evening. Eventually I got the new rates which had risen alarmingly on average 25%. I questioned how my monthly charge could go down when the price of the units and standing charge had gone up. They couldn't offer an explanation. Now I may be cynical but if a little old lady was contacted and told her monthly charge would go down she'd probably believe them and renew. I just think it's worth asking the question to make an informed decision.