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Chernobyl was caused by failure of the Soviet state and mindset as much as the inherent design flaw in the fuel rods and reactor design.  Im looking at directing my future career development toward nuclear decommissioning, so its a sector that Im very interested in at the moment! (looking at some of the rates of rad specialists I wish I done it years ago!!).        

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"And NO I do not glow in the dark!"

But do you have nuclear underpants??? Getmecoat  I'll get me coat Biggrin

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Geoff, are you sure you are not in the radio active reserve?


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TomB, it's a good area to get into career wise and you will never be without opportunities.  I really enjoyed my time in the industry and always found the work very interesting and challenging.  If you ever need any information drop me a PM.

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I was a school milk monitor in 1957 when the Windscale reactor caught fire and covered the country with radioactive fallout. (one of the worst nuclear events on record) The Government banned school milk for a long time as it was radioactive.  I have had Thyroid problems ever since and I suspect some of the nation`s cancers can be traced back to that event.

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GJT # 24 - I should be! Trips to Albuquerque, Niagara Falls. & other places that trade in nuclear sunshine were numerous.