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Exit Stage Left


Neil Peart has died at only 67, far too young. RIP.


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The band in the sky gets ever larger.
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That is deeply sad news, I did wonder when the band packed it in a few years ago whether there was something else going on..

I have listened to Rush since I was 13, on a old cassette player whilst playing with my Hornby set...I know Rock and Roll man...

I was lucky enough to see them live 6 times, even got a thumbs up from Geddy once when me and my brother Chris were on the front row at the NEC...

And as Chris said to me this morning..

'We are only immortal for a limited time....'


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Sad news indeed. The music lives on, and Neil's influence in the drumming world will never be forgotten.

Andy - are you in the 'Show of Hands' video filmed at the NEC?