Favourite most beautiful / iconic,

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Not sure if this is quite right for this it is nearly there so thought this video was appropriate to this

thread https://youtu.be/JyVP6mT9iFc


Mrp 420R

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Derek, No Austin 7, No Lotus 7, No Caterham 7!

Give me 2 good reasons why Raquel Welch !!

Derek Batty
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TWO  good reasons ,,,,you that pissed of with me  Tom   you want to get me banned ,last time I saw her on tv was on a show by ,piers Morgan ,,,She was poss late sixties early seventies ,,,but still looked good 


yes I no I'm a sad old bastard ,,but what the hell ,,nice to liven things up a bit 


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ONE MORE ! The classic RIVA wooden deck motor launch - expensive but what a looker.

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How about;

The vomit inducing BR APT

The Bristol Brabazon

The Austin Allegro

elie boone
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The most beautifull one would be the S1 E type coupe with Dunlop mag's and the most Iconic/important post WW2 would be the Tucker.

Roy Blyth
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Can't pick one of each, so here goes:

Train - Sir Nigel Gresley A4 60007 and Tornado A1 60163

Plane - DH98 Mosquito, BAC TSR2 and EE Lightning

Car - Caterham Seven 1600 Sprint, LR Defender and AC 428 Coupe

Interestingly, I just googled the AC and you can hire one in Potters Bar, not far from me... at a cost of £1,136.64 for one day!  Blah  

Mechanical Moz
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Train - British Rail APT

Plane - SR-71 Blackbird (with a mention for the MiG-29 I saw perform a tail slide at Farnborough once).

Car - Aston Martin V8 Vantage

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Nice call of an AC 428 - a very rare bird ., and sooo much classier than  the more steroidal examples of its Cobra sibling. Despite being an almost identical car to the Maserati  Mistrale , it looks so much more potent .The knowledge that  there's 428cubic inches of V8 under the bonnet?

I'll add a Bugatti Type 35 , surely the loveliest pre war sports/racing car and a Giugiaro favourite , the Gordon Keeble GK1 ,from a time when  'hybrid' had very different connotations.  


Tony P
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Favourite, most beautiful and 'iconic' are three different things; so, here goes...

aircraft: V22 Osprey; Mosquito; Concorde.
loco: Gresley A4 Pacific streamliner (preferably one of the four original silver ones, rather than Gresley or Mallard); ditto; ditto;
car: Lotus 88 maybe? Still thinking on that one; Brabham BT49/50/51 (just for the side view, if nothing else); Chaparral 2F. 
road cars: not especially interested tbh, but I suppose Seven; original Elan; Seven.


Oh, and GT40? Really?? Even if that's your sort of thing, it can never be the most beautiful whilst the Mirage M1 derivative exists... 

Tony Pashley