Fillet versus leather seats?

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We have the GT seats. They are great. More reclined than the standard leather seats.
Geoff Brown
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For touring definitely leather seats. The latest iteration seem to have a better squab for upper leg elevation & bum/spine comfort.

Have toured extensively with these seats fitted. They are supremely comfortable & even after a 4 hour D road leg in France.Got out without a twinge.

But one drivers meat.........

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One man's seat...



Ian B
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I did about 75,000 miles in sv with leather seats, which were comfortable except in hot climates when they were hot and "sticky". Have since done what must be about 20,000 miles in tillets in a CSR which are surprisingly just as comfortable. Having said that they are the wider B6 design, and I find the regular width ones do indeed dig in around the upper chest (and ar$e!). Only issue I've found with tillets is they are susceptible to white water marks if they get wet and hot, e.g. on the base part.

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Golf Juliet Tango
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Tillet seat to my preference. Provided you always wear a six point seat harness.

I slide around on leather S-type seats (too little friction) but used cloth S-type previously which held me in place much better. But leather does last better and look better.


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Many thanks everyone .... definitely split opinions ... but that's OK.  As folk say .... we need to try some for fit and test drive them to check they're right for us. 

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Dont forget you can fine tune the Tillets with the washers to alter the angle 

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Also the carbon-Kevlar version has more flex and IMHO is a much comfier seat.


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When I first fitted the GRP Tillett with Oxted leather covers I really didn't like it as I felt it was too upright compared to the cloth S-Types I'd been used to and that it was digging in my ribs and upper back. I then fitted spacers to the front mounting points (between the seat and aluminium box section) until I found a more comfortable position. I found I needed 9 spacers (approx. 35-40mm) to achieve the rake that worked for me.

This gave me a more reclined driving position and by raising the front of the Tillett this provided more leg support under the thighs. It also made wearing a helmet far more comfortable as my head wasn't being pushed forward. 

For reference I'm 5'8" and I did this way back in 2006 when I was 12st and let's just say despite carrying more timber these days I still find the Tillett far more comfortable than the S-Type after 40,000 miles. All day in the car touring is not a problem, but as others have said it's not for everyone.

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