Graham Nearn Memorial Blat 21st – 22nd Sept – Event Tickets and Accommodation

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Golf Juliet Tango
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Maybe the ARs can post their separate plans for this event on ChitChat. 

BTW: I think we can expect 19 Caterham 21s at the event. I've run out of contact details beyond these or owners are unable to attend.

Stephen Hubbard

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France North AR
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Wahou ! That's very impressive for the 21. Well done Stephen Bow

I hope we will be able to make the drone 7 logo picture event bigger than 10 years ago ! with more 7

Nicolas CALLEWAERT (Marcos59)
France North AR


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Booked for Saturday night and museum. Bizarrely The Fire Protection Association in Moreton are a client. The Porsche Club HQ are also there but we won’t dwell on that.