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Golf Juliet Tango
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Minor point: never leave any paperwork of any sort in the Seven.

In 1998, when I bought mine (only car), I was living in SW4 and in that era, I naturally kept an A-Z in the car (everyone did). I thought it best to put it in sealable plastic bag but even so within the month it was sodden and close to papier-maché (so much condensation).


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John Vine
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Re #38:

Do you guys find ear defenders offer a lot more protection than ear plugs?

I find the opposite.  I used Howard Leight Max disposable earplugs for many years (and still do on occasions), and found them more effective than the Peltor defender in that they blocked out practically all external noise.  But removal and reinsertion (for fuel stops, shopping etc) is a bit of a drag.  The Peltor is much easier to take on and off, and has the benefit of keeping my Millwood cap firmly on my head.   The main drawback for me is that it gets dislodged by the roll-bar when I look to the left at junctions.


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Good point John, I haven't even got as far as trying to figure out how to keep any head gear on at speed!

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I find the intercom cracking at keeping my head-gear on, and my glasses, which the car tries to throw into the nearside gutter.

I've also noticed that I get far more lift from the peak of a baseball cap than from the much shorter peak of a flat cap.


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Derek Batty
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Benie hat glasses intercom no problem at all ,,if the other half in the car just pull the plug out slightly ,,then when she squeezes your nuts you no it's time to slow down