Jamie Chadwick goes from strength to strength

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Harry Flatters
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Amazing job. Well done and congratulations Jamie Bounce Thumb Up

Proud day Mike!

Mike C.
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Thanks all

Very nerve wracking as we thought the car had developed a problem, but relieved to get the job done.

Spent plenty of weekends at cold, muddy race tracks, taking abuse from other parents, and watching others on the podium, wondering if we will ever reap the rewards of racing - so very appreciative when it does come. 

It's not an easy sport.

Dave P
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Well done Jamie, great achievement and congratulations to all those involved.


barry watts
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Great day at Brands. Congratulations to Jamie for the championship win. Well done to Red Bull for arranging the F1 display laps with David Coultard most enjoyable.  Looking forward to seeing the W series development next year. Hopefully still with JC competing. 


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On the ‘One Show’ NOW!!

Well done Jamie - really hope it helps you to get where you want to in motorsport

Jonathan Kay
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Nominated for the BT woman of Action Awards. And you can vote here


Brewery piss-up organiser

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