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LADS/MADS Big Breakfast Blat 30/07/17

Myself and Winker Watson are heading over a spot of breakfast at the Conwy Falls Cafe. Anyone care to join us? The plan is to set off from Sandiway Service Station @ 06:15 on the 30/07.


I'd better send you the route! 

Hi Nigel - Thanks for the invite. What time are you aiming to arrive at Conwy Falls Cafe? 


Caravans, Sheep and Nissan Micras permitting, we should land around 09:45

Ham fisted idiot in a cramped garage

Nigel - see you at CFC about 09:45 (provided it is dry) as we will be blatting there from the other direction to you.


BTTT Arrow Up

Ham fisted idiot in a cramped garage

Tentative, subject to weather and domestic clearance.

Tom, just do what I've done and send her to Spain with the little one for a week Beer Party Drink Driving Bounce

Ham fisted idiot in a cramped garage