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Lotus 49 with Tiff at the wheel


I haven't seen this in a long time & it popped up on youtube.

Worth a watch, very enjoyable. 

Excellent, thanks.

And in 7 minutes it touched on so many different parts of the Lotus story.


PS: The use of the engine as a stressed member wasn't original, even for F1, but it was a crucial part of the solution.

PPS: I'd rather they lost a bit of authenticity and fitted a harness. 

The next video that came up for me on YouTube was Martin Brundle driving it about 10 years later, by which time it does have harnesses.

....everything else is just waiting.

Have to say - I met Tiff at a corporate Karting day at Daytona Milton Keynes about 16/17 years ago and he's one of the nicest famous blokes I've ever met. Totally unassuming, interested in everyone and very chatty after the corporate stuff was over. He was there with Don Wales (Campbell's grandson) who was  another really nice chap.

I've met quite a few famous bods over the years (mostly musicians through work) and there have been some right a*******s but also some great people. Slash (Guns & Roses guitarist) is brilliant, as is Johhny Depp !


'scuse me while I kiss the sky

Early 49s had pretty weak looking roll bars.  Frail and very low.  Standards improved greatly by the time Rindt drove the JPTL car.

If you want to wince , watch Alex Rossi driving a 49 at CoA . He is a stranger to proper gearchanging -'heel an' toe? Dance step, am I right ?' and the results are gruesome . 

God, that was like a visit to the dentist! How on earth could they entrust a gem like the 49 to someone with zero talent or mechanical sympathy?


You want footwork: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqREtbLe4sY

The spectators seem a tad foolhardy.




I wonder what Buddy Rich could do with his feet...



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