Lotus Driving Academ Raffle Winners

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Lotus Driving Academ Raffle Winners

I am delighted to announce the winners of the Lotus Driving Academy Raffle. 

The draw was made yesterday afternoon by David James of Prostate Cancer Research (PCR).  The lucky winners have all been contacted.

The winners are:-

  1. Gold - Graham Hayes, of Mid Sussex Area.
  2. Silver - Chris Griffith, of Hertfordshire Area.
  3. Bronze - Robert Appleby, of East Sussex Area.


We all join in congratulating them and hope they have a fabulous day of high-performance tuition and we look forward to reading of their experience in future editions of Lowflying.  The LT would like to thank all who supported the the Club's chosen charity, PCR, by taking part in the raffle.  You raised £4,810 for a very worthy cause, so close to the interests of so many members.

Thank you.

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Well done all, brilliant to see so much raised for a good cause.

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Here is David James of Prostrate Cancer Research with Martin Phipps, our Treasurer, having just done the draw.  We were able to meet outdoors in Brunswick Square Gardens.

Lovely location but, annoyingly, there was a helicopter buzzing around overhead.



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Congratulations to the lucky winners and I hope they all have a brilliant time. A fantastic amount raised from a very generous donation.