LOVE ADMIN system going live

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LOVE ADMIN system going live

Hi everyone 

I hope you all enjoyed the summer and all the different weather conditions we had :-)

We have been working, in between having our own summer fun, on getting our new admin system up and ready to start to go live next week. Chris Bramall our project lead outlined the new system recently in Low Flying and PDF version  will be posted in this thread together with any other information over the next few weeks that you may find helpful. 

We are all very excited  about what the new system will do for members, Area Reps, and Event Coordinators. One of the first things you might notice is all emails you receive from the club will be personalised.  Then you will discover in this first stage of implementation that you can: 

  • Access your own membership records can update information online so there are no errors for mailing and contact details.
  • Choose and update the areas of interest /area groups you want to be involved in
  • Add a photo to your membership card and print 
  • Store your membership card on your phone using a membership app
  • Pay easily for membership and events
  • Access your membership on any device
  • If you have joint membership, then each of you will be able to receive emails if you wish.    

So as reminder: - why are we moving to this system?  It offers more control to you as members to manage your membership 24/7. Our hard-working Area Reps and Event Organisers will be able to manage local events more easily and efficiently and it will eventually reduce costs of our contracted administration services by around 2/3rds, which means more resources to put back into events for you as members.  

Any general questions you have about the new system do post here and we will do our best to answer you.  Anything more personal then contact one of us and we will help you. 

So, over the next few weeks have a look at your membership record and update any information, add in joint members and have fun :-)

Best regards 




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Thanks Chris


on a process note, I've just spoken to Chris B. When trying to email my group to advise of our upcoming monthly meeting - using Safari, I could not see the "Finish" button required to actually send the email. I then switched to Google Chrome and it miraculously appeared - magic.

Chris is in touch with LA but in the meantime, may be someone with more technical skills than I, could advise if there are any 'settings/preference' changes to make in Safari that would help



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