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The Lovely Emma

I know this is a car-related forum...  but no one seems interested in talking balls - the majority of comments about sport are to do with F1.

La Raducanu, who is every bit as charming as she seems (first hand from who drove her home after her Wimbledon defeat), as I am sure you will have noticed has done pretty damned well! Thumb Up

Why no comments (or have I missed them)? Scratchchin 

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An almost unbelievable achievement, first ever qualifier in any grand slam to lift the trophy, was a brilliant match to watch two fantastic players and Leylah spoke so well after the match in very difficult circumstances having lost the match. Her day will surely come. but as for Emma, what can you say, fearless with such power what a performance, didn't drop a set the whole tournament, had me glued to the tv, the future looks bright for both players. 

good to see Ch4 doing the deal with Amazon prime

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A very capable young lady and very worthy of the following she's building up, let's hope that being thrown into the spotlight doesn't change her! Really nice to see some high quality dynamic tennis without the usual level of grunting and tantrums.


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Bl**dy immigrants coming over here and making us feel better about being British Wink

It will probably not be long before she moves abroad to get away from the excitable British press.

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It was a nail-biting final match. Let's hope she keeps level headed and continues to progress.
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Amazing to watch, I have to confess I only saw her from the quarter-finals onwards but she is so calm and collected. One of the commentators used the phrase "high tennis IQ" which brilliantly describes the way she seemed to analyse her opponent and over time work out how to beat them.

Leylah played brilliantly as well, as has been said I'm sure her time will come. Two future stars of the sport, just amazed at home calm and composed they both were post match.

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Very impressive from both of them. Tuned in to watch the match expecting it to be a nervy affair with lots of errors with two such young and inexperienced players but to it was such good quality from both of them and the result was in doubt right until the end.  On top of that they presented themselves so well, I'm sure they both have a great future.

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Yes well done Emma, truly brilliant.

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A quite astonishing achievement to go through qualifying to win.

I guess it is most unusual to run through a tournament without dropping a set.

Has anyone else noticed how much the US Revenue takes from the prizes?


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$0.00 if she uses Trump's accountant?

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A Cadet karter too - and (don't tell Derek ) a Lewis fan