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Harry Flatters
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Amazing, prodigious talent! 2nd only grand slam match, qualifies, wins without dropping a set. And to cap it seems like a very level headed, lovely person too.

Apart from the huge range of shots in her repertoire, it's the sheer power with which she strikes the ball that is just breathtaking. 

Derek Batty
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If. Lewis fans look like that John ,,I will learn to like ,,be interesting to se how's she does in next tournament ,,with them winnings ,she could buy a Morgan ,not sure if she would be able to pay insurance though 


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I suspect she won't have to buy her next car Derek, the manufacturers will all will be falling over themselves to give her one of theirs!  

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I see you only just avoided the obvious ending there.

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Miss Raducanu has arrived, there was a section in More or Less about her performance 17 minutes into the program

1.6K Roadsport SV

john aston
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I must admit I am appalled with the tone of the coverage is getting this week in The Times . The angle is not the fact she is a gifted sportswoman,  a wonderful inspiration to others and a great advertisement for the UK - but her likely future earning power. How crass - of course she is sponsorship  gold but she's more than that - if she can get me and Joanne watching a ball game  she is somebody special, not just a cash cow clotheshorse.  

Graham King
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#17, can only agree John, the same struck me about much of the press coverage, too much focus on her earning potential. As several others have found to their cost, Maria Sharapova comes to mind, the press coverage and resultant earning potential is only relevant whilst you can still cut the mustard on the tennis court, if you're not delivering then the rest quickly disappears. 

Emma was indeed great to watch at both Wimbledon and US Open, she will always go down in history as the first qualifier to win a major but what matters now is how she progresses from here. She's no longer a surprise package and the more experienced players will work out how to play her and she'll have the weight of expectation on her shoulders. I'm sure she and her team are aware of all this and she appears to have a good head on her shoulders and have great backup from her parents and coaching team who will keep her grounded. 

I have always enjoyed tennis and it's great to see a British woman mixing it with the rest, I for one would love to think that we're going to be watching her not only winning tournaments for the next 10-15 years but also continuing to be a role model for other young women coming into tennis. If she does that then she can reap the rewards as much as she likes from my stand point.