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My 7 is booked in for a test on 4th April. I called yesterday morning to see if they had an earlier slot as I'm unable to contiune working and so had free time on my hands. Unsurprisingly there were no slots and they told me that people with MOTs running out as far away as June and July had booked forward.

It's not important for me to have the 7 MoT'd so if they continue to carry on with tests and not give a similar extension as outlined above then I'll happily cancel mine to allow someone else who needs a daily car to get theirs tested.


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"Interestingly all HGV mot's have been given a 3 month extension to their present mot but cars and light van testing is still going ahead. Michale Gove even said testing and essential maintenance along with fuel stations would still carry on, on the tv this morning."

Maybe they're reasoning that HGVs are maintained to a higher standard and fleets can manage to stretch MOTs out with little impact on safety.  With most private vehicles the MOT is the only time any thought is given to the mechanicals.  Fuel and essential maintenance are unavoidable to get key workers to their jobs.  

It doesn't seem unreasonable to me, all of these measures are judgment calls of course so debatable.  

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It seems that garages can remain open, I wasn't sure.



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I had the same problem. MOT due this week, and re-tax was to be done on 1st April ready for the season. 

Following the latest Covid19 strategy I've decided to wait for a couple of months or whatever it takes. The Seven is looking nice and shiny and will get even more shiny over the coming weeks Biggrin

I did manage a very short drive yesterday, backwards and forwards on the driveway then back into the garage.

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I agree with everything above. Seeking official clarification, I have emailed DVSA but I am not holding my breath for a reply!

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Seven MoT booked for 25th March.  Called garage to confirm that MoTs were still going ahead yes - now fully  booked until July!

So bugger it a dirty dash to the garage for the 14:00 appointment - then home.

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If you don't need to use it don't. I did mot a tin top for a customer who needed it to look after aging parents but we have now shut up shop for the time being. All the services looking after us really don't need any extra burden at the moment Kind regards Colin
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Thousands may die in a few weeks and you are worried about getting your Caterham's MOTed, words fail me. Banghead

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Not all garages are booked up. My car is due the MOT mid April and I've just booked it in on the 17th, even had a choice of times. 

Of course, I may have to cancel if we are still locked down, but I'm trying to be optimistic.


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Hampshire AR - If the government didn't want people to get their cars MOTed they could have followed the model from NI recently or extend everyone's MOT.