MoT extension under review

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I decided to ignore the extension as I like having a test early in the year prior to track days and long trips. I'm glad I did now, as this is likely to catch a lot of people out!

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Initially when the extension  came in, demand for MOTs dropped to ~25% of normal demand for late March. Over the course of lockdown it's slowly risen to ~70-75% of normal and continues to climb in a remarkably linear fashion on a weekly basis.

The decision on when to end the extension scheme lies with DfT. An announcement should be made by The Minister in the near future.

MOT reminders will be restarting shortly thereafter.



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MOTs from 1st August not to get the 6 month extension

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I expected something like this....

however the Gov site does not reflect the BBC...

simply says your date will have 6 months added within 7 days of your expiry date, and offers an email address should it not... all a little last minute but I might just book an MOT slot just in case....