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Derek Batty
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Bloody hell   James  I'm slipping ,,must have been all them bollackings of Shaun ,telling me to cool it 

keep safe 


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Purely by chance, I came across this article about TikTok today.

As per my comments on the Trump thread, I get a lot of very badly targeted adverts on Facebook so I'd question the accuracy of their data mining / algorithm accuracy.  I avoid all of the social engineering quizzes / questionnaires and I provide fake (but memorable) details when it comes to things like DoB, hometown, memorable word etc. If the worst that can happen is that I can get hit with one advert over another then I have no problem.  I don't *think* I provide any info that could compromise secure / private data such as SSN, bank details etc. but maybe I'm being naive?  I used to try not to remain logged into sites, but that has slipped with me for Facebook and Hotmail.  I do keep logged out of all of the Google sites as far as possible. 

Where can you go on the Internet these days without being tracked?  Every search engine will track what you have searched for and which sites you have visited.  Amazon will know all about what you have searched for and what you have purchased.  I believe the ToS for Hotmail, GMail etc. say they can read the contents of your messages.  Even sites like the International editions of BBC and The Times seem to be riddled with tracking cookies.  What is the answer to 'safe' browsing wrt your personal data security - a vpn tunnel, turn up browser security to max, software solution?

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It does annoy me that FB continues to be called "social" media. It's not. It's deeply anti-social, and it's far from inclusive as I can only take part if I give up all my data. So far that's not a price I'm prepared to pay.

I strongly recommend use of adblockers (such as ublock), privacy badger (which will block many scripts from social network sites, google etc) to help prevent tracking, maybe PiHole as a DNS service at home too. I have my own domain for email. A VPN won't add any security (unless you're on public wifi) - you still have to get from the VPN exit point to whichever service you're accessing. They're widely mis-advertised and mis-sold.


Tony Whitley
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Like Blokko I mostly gave up trying to protect my privacy online some years ago.  I still use figleafs like ad blockers and for Facebook and routinely refuse cookies but I still leak a great deal of personal information.

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Derek, AnthonyM is around, his R500 chassis is ay Arch being fettled, perhaps he's still snowed in....
Jonathan Kay
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Not to detract from the excellent TechTalk forum on here... 


I am a great proponent of Blatchat in its various forms - Chitchat, Techtalk and MarketPlace in the main - they are wonderful Club services.


I find FB Groups far easier to search though and I save topics/posts for future reference in appropriately named folders.


Great Club. Extraordinary expertise and helpfulness... just think about crossflows, Ks, ECUs...

But there are serious deficiencies in the site. Many Members simply can't find what they're looking for, even when they know what they're looking for. And useful information is scattered across multiple threads. And when a topic is opened up again in a new thread some crucial bit is omitted this time round. 

I suggest talking to new Members if you want to discover how it appears to them rather than to old stalwarts.

None of this should be read as a criticism of the many Members who have worked so hard on getting us where we are, and a lot of that great work behind the scenes is just what is needed to enable the next round of developments.

But we should have an ambitious target to make our technical information so good and so easy to find that no-one would ever dream of looking anywhere else. And so good that it pulls new Members to the Club.


Andrew Gilbert
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I'd agree with Jonathan

I use both platforms, I enjoy it here but I especially enjoy the various FB pages and groups that are available, in fact I run several pages myself. As for personal info, thats not really high on my agenda, you don't have to give everything but what they know they know.

The new tech page is good and dare I say it the other pages run by those who are not so popular here are also very good. The two for me run in parallel, but for the newer 'younger' members, the FB pages are now a first go to source for car ownership today so those pages or that platform should not be ignored.

Golf Juliet Tango
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Yes Jonathan.

I would hope that your diligence would be highly suited to extracting, compiling and editing the various sources, so that the Guides section becomes the technical library needed.

I did this for the LowFlying archive, picking up on some foundation work done by others (the scanning of the original paper issues and OCR process). It is just a question of taking it on and knuckling down to the work. There is no requirement to do it all at once, just start somewhere.


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7 wonders of th...
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I'm not a FB user, any idea who is running the new technical forum...?



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Jonathan, have you tried using the search box at the top recently? Yes if you want to search for a long winded sentence it's highly unlikely to be as powerful as Google, but it's vastly improved with the recent updates.

I think we should be careful not to assume that a good search ability is the be-all-and-end-all and that because so many subjects have been discussed before they can't be done again. To do that makes us nothing more than an encyclopaedia and removes the vibrancy of forum discussion. I've been using Blatchat for 20 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge from the forum by communicating with other members and following the discussion, reading through an old thread is just not the same. If someone asks a question I'm absolutely willing to give input where I can and similarly my own knowledge then expands as well, to see a discussion close down almost instantly because of a link to a previous thread isn't helpful in maintaining the vibrancy that we all really appreciate. It's a community.

Facebook is just not the same. Yes it'll give a quick fix answer to a query but it's not really a discussion platform. The investment into FB means it has abilities that will far exceed what can ever be achieved with any format of forum, but the nature of the beast is that it's more about chatter rather than true discussion. Also in a lot of areas it's very much a "my **** is bigger than yours" environment which is why so many of us have tried FB then subsequently walked away.

Just my two penneth!


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