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New comer - Hello

Hi All

Just saying Hi Wavey

Have loved Caterhams since I was a child and I eventually bought one (a lovely grey 360R). :D Cant wait to get out driving. 

Hopefully I will see you guys around



Jonathan (St Helens bred)

Hi and welcome from East Anglia Driving

AR for Norfolk and Suffolk


Hi Shane, welcome .... I'm up near the Travellers Rest although my 7's stored in Culcheth!


That's very close indeed, just around the corner as I live on that side of Newton :)

I am sure you will see me around *driving*, Do you attend the MADS events?

You're cars already been spotted by another local member ... comments about how good the colour combination looks :)

Welcome Shane Byebye

Sam Pearce - Membership Secretary

Lotus Seven Club - 01873 777303

[email protected]

Hi Shane.......from another new and fairly local owner!


Welcome & enjoy! Smile