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David Mirylees
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Don't shoot me but ......

If you can slosh out £44900 then the £490 pa ain't gonna hurt you too much  Whistle 

Anonymous Driving  

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With the current price of cars as they are, and all the stupid lease deals, it will push most cars over 50k shortly anyway. I wouldn't mind except the 'Road Tax' is a general tax, very little to do with roads, or at least not round here anyway. They are a mess to say the least. RIP cheap motoring 

Chris C
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Thanks for your support, David!! I didn't slosh out £44900! I lease it!!


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"Thanks for your support, David!! I didn't slosh out £44900! I lease it!!"

Erm, you still pay it, it's just included in the lease cost!


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Roger Ford
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Doesn't your lease cost include the road tax (I know, I know: VED)? They usually do.

If not, didn't it occur to you to check how much it would be?

Harry Flatters
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Slightly O/T, but a while back there was a rule that said if your car had a capacity greater than 3.5l and registered after March? 2005 then you paid a higher VED (£585?) than if it was registered before that date. Has that gone out of the window now? Couldn't find it on the Gov website.

Mechanical Moz
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#17 - It was based on CO2 emissions not engine size and still applies.  https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables/rates-for-cars-registered-on-or-after-1-march-2001

The CO2 based first year rate on my GR Yaris is £895, all the ones getting flipped only get refunded the amount of the second year onwards tax.

Personally I'd abolish the luxury car tax and slap it all on caravans. Hehe